Top 5 Reasons Why Properties Get Sold for Less Than Their Worth

Undervalued properties may not be easily available. But if you do your research well, you can find a few of these every now and then.

Everyone buys properties to sell them at profits, but there may be times when they are forced to sell them at a price that is lower than their worth. And there is always a reason behind this. Here are a few common reasons that can help you understand why properties get sold for less than what they are worth:

Seller Duress

A lot of individuals go through financial duress and sellers of real estate properties are definitely not an exception. There are times when they lose their jobs or suffer losses in business. Some may have maxed out their credit cards and a few might even be filing for divorce. Whatever the issue behind this financial duress, the only answer to all these is some fast cash. Time for these sellers is money, and they are willing to negotiate as long as they get the cash to get out of their financial duress.

Seller Ignorance

For many realtors and real estate investors, selling properties can seem easy. However, for individuals who are selling their primary residences, this may be a one-time affair. As a result, not many sellers would be completely informed about the actual worth of the property that they are selling.

Unlike the stock market, the prices are not listed in real estate. You can only find approximate prices that can be different for different properties. As such, many ignorant sellers are not aware of the advantages that their properties offer to buyers and forget to charge premium prices. They end up accepting offers that are less than the actual worth of their properties.


Not all sellers may have paid off their mortgages. In fact, some may even have defaulted on their monthly mortgage payments because of a sudden change in their financial situation. This may have resulted in the properties being foreclosed by the banks.

When it comes to foreclosing properties, banks are only interested in getting their money back or minimizing their losses. They have no time to wait for making more profit on their repossessed properties. As such they will sell these properties to any individual who makes a decent offer, even if it isn’t a match to the actual worth of the property.


If the owner of a property wishes to downsize or shift into a retirement home, they may be forced to take action within a certain timeline. This means they may not have the time to wait for the right time to sell their property. Most such sellers who prefer quick sales will be ready to accept offers for their properties at prices lower than what they can otherwise get.

Inability to Make Necessary Upgrades

Buyers of real estate properties usually become selective when the housing market is on the high. They prefer to buy new or renovated properties, even if they have to pay higher prices. At such times sellers who are unable to make the necessary upgrades to their homes find it difficult to sell their properties. This is when they decide to sell for less, as long as the buyer agrees to make the necessary upgrades.

The Bottom Line

Many real estate investors, across the world, have made millions of profits by buying undervalued properties. You can too. However, you need to be watchful and diligent and network with the right people who can give you some inside information about such properties. Get in touch with the right people through mortgage leads. Find out what they can do, to help you buy properties at less than what they are worth.

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