Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail

Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail

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Getting in touch with the prospective borrowers directly is the best way to sell reverse mortgages. Heritus makes this possible for you through its Reverse mortgage direct mail service.

There are many senior home owners in the USA who have no idea about how they can use their home equity to lead their retired lives peacefully. The few who are aware of reverse mortgages fail to opt for them because of the myths that surround this product. Through Reverse mortgage direct mail service, we send out mailers to all these people on your behalf, so that they qualify into your borrowers

Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail

As a professional lead generating firm, Heritus owns an entire database of senior homeowners who can benefit from reverse mortgages. By sending out mails to these leads we make sure your mail box is full and your telephone is always ringing with enquiries from prospects that are interested in taking out reverse mortgages. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything other than giving us your specifications about the kind of prospects you want us to contact.

The team at Heritus comprises of experts in sending out promotional mailers aimed at improving the business of our customers. They know exactly what is to be done to get the right response from your prospects. Through reverse mortgage direct mail service we will make sure your prospects are well-informed about the benefits of taking out reverse mortgages, so that it becomes easy for them to take the right decision. All that you would need to do then is to give the prospects your best quotes, when they contact you after receiving these mailers.

Obtaining more number of reverse mortgage borrowers is the only way to help your reverse mortgage business enjoy a competitive edge in the industry. Heritus’s reverse mortgage direct mail service is aimed primarily at this objective. Not only would this service be highly beneficial for your reverse mortgage business, it will also be very much affordable.

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