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Most people who wish to buy homes in the USA end up spending a lot of money in saving up for the 20% down payment required to obtain conventional mortgages. Half of them don’t even know that they can easily qualify for FHA mortgage loans. As an FHA mortgage lender/broker, you can contact these prospects and get them to apply for FHA mortgages. Don’t have the time? Heritus will do it for you.

Heritus has all the details of home-buyers who might find it difficult to qualify for conventional mortgages. We will send them all mailers through our FHA mortgage direct mail service, on your behalf. These mailers will help them understand all that they need to know about FHA mortgages, while giving them a reason why they should contact you for FHA loans. The result would be innumerable calls and mails from prospects, asking for your quotes on FHA loans.

FHA mortgage direct mail service is aimed at saving your time and efforts and helping you get directly in touch with your prospects in the most cost-effective way. All that you need to do is give us your requirements and let us know what exactly you are looking for, in your prospective borrowers. Based on these details we filter the home buyers and make sure you get contacted by only those prospects who can qualify into your borrowers.

Our team members at Heritus are not only qualified and experienced in providing the FHA mortgage direct mail service, they are also absolutely dedicated to make sure you achieve your targets and goals in the easiest way. The Mailers that we send on your behalf are designed to prepare your prospects to take their decisions on FHA loans and contact you for further assistance. So, you can essentially focus on closing the deals while we concentrate on the necessary prospecting.

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